Diploam In Photography

Diploma in Photography Duration: 1 year (2 semesters)
Combination of theory and practical
Fee: INR 30,000 per semester
Total Course Fee: 60,000

The Diploma in Photography offers a concise yet comprehensive exploration of the art and craft of photography. This program covers fundamental skills such as camera operation, composition, and lighting techniques. Students gain hands-on experience in various photography genres and delve into digital imaging and post-production. Designed for aspiring photographers, this diploma provides a solid foundation for creative expression and technical expertise, empowering individuals to pursue careers or personal projects in the dynamic realm of photography.

Individuals with a diploma in photography have various career options in the visual arts and communication field. Here are some potential career paths for diploma holders in photography:

  1. Portrait Photographer
  2. Commercial Photographer
  3. Wedding Photographer
  4. Fashion Photographer
  5. Event Photographer
  6. Photojournalist
  7. Food Photographer
  8. Architectural Photographer
  9. Stock Photographer
  10. Travel Photographer
  11. Fine Art Photographer
  12. Medical Photographer
  13. Freelance Photographer
  14. Digital Imaging Specialist/Retoucher
  15. Teaching/Training
  16. Documentary Photographer
  17. Sports Photographer