Growing up, many of you might have dreamt of embodying the journalistic tenacity of an Anderson Cooper, fearlessly reporting from conflict zones, or envisioned yourselves as a Christiane Amanpour passionately uncovering stories that shape the world. The realm of media beckons with both allure and challenges. In an era where technology has transformed our media consumption habits—whether it’s perusing the morning headlines, tuning into the evening news on television, or scrolling through Twitter on our smartphones—the field of journalism has expanded, offering a myriad of career pathways.

Undoubtedly, journalism has become an increasingly popular career choice among millennials and Gen Z, much like yourselves. A prevalent avenue into this dynamic profession is through the pursuit of a degree in journalism and mass communication (J&MC). This qualification not only heightens your prospects of securing a coveted spot in the newsroom but also opens doors to diverse fields such as communications, marketing, education, and entertainment.

What Does This Degree Equip you With?


Benefits of Pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication:

while studying this course, there are certain skills that you will gain. These skills will help you succeed in the field and tread on the path of a successful career.

Here are the top skills that you will gain:

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What You Can do With a Journalist Degree:- 


Students passing out from the J&MC course have opportunities galore not just in the news media industry but in various other sectors as well. These opportunities may typically be in found such organizations/fields as