B.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)

B.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
Fee: INR 30,000 per semester (Annual fee Rs 60,000)
Total Course Fee: 1,80,000 Rs

Embark on a dynamic journey into the world of media and communication with our B.A. Mass Communication & Journalism Graduation Program of three years.

This course offers a blend of theory and hands-on experience, preparing students for diverse careers in journalism, broadcasting, digital media, and public relations. Explore the intricacies of storytelling, media ethics, and cutting-edge technologies, equipping yourself to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of mass communication.

Given the evolving nature of media and communication, Mass Communication and Journalism students have a diverse range of career options available to them. Here are some potential career paths:

1. Journalist/Reporter
2. Broadcast Journalist
3. Editor
4. Content Creator/Writer
5. Photojournalist
6. Social Media Manager
7. Public Relations Specialist
8. Corporate Communication Specialist
9. Media Planner/Buyer
10. Digital Marketing Specialist
11. Media Research Analyst
12. Documentary Filmmaker
13. Event Manager
14. Academician/Teacher
15. Freelance Journalist/Writer