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B.Sc Fashion Managemnet

B.Sc. Fashion Management Program Overview:

Duration: Typically, a B.Sc. Fashion Management program in India is a 3-year undergraduate degree.


  1. Foundation Courses: Introduction to fashion design, fashion history, and basic design principles.
  2. Core Courses: Specialized subjects related to fashion management such as retail management, marketing, merchandising, fashion forecasting, supply chain management, and business communication.
  3. Electives: Depending on the institution, students might have the option to choose electives in specific areas of interest within fashion management.
  4. Internship/Project: Many programs include practical experiences like internships or projects to provide students with hands-on industry exposure.
  5. Industry-oriented Subjects: Courses may cover aspects of the fashion industry, including fashion marketing, retail management, brand management, and fashion entrepreneurship.

Career Opportunities: Graduates from a B.Sc. Fashion Management program can pursue various careers in the fashion and retail industry, such as:

  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Retail Manager
  • Fashion Marketing Executive
  • Brand Manager
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Entrepreneur in the fashion business

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