PhD Fashion Management & Fashion Communication

PhD Fashion Management & Fashion Communication

Duration: 3-5 years (Subject to availability of seats)

Fee: INR 60,000 per semester

Total Program Fee: 3, 60,000


PhD in Fashion Management & Fashion Communication is an advanced research program delving into the strategic aspects of the fashion industry. Focused on management strategies, consumer behaviour, and communication trends, this program equips scholars with a deep understanding of the global fashion landscape. Through rigorous research, candidates contribute to the industry’s evolution, addressing challenges and shaping future trends. This doctoral journey combines academic rigour with practical insights, preparing graduates for fashion management and communication leadership roles.


Individuals with a PhD in Fashion Management or Fashion Communication have attained the highest academic expertise in their respective fields. Here are advanced career options for those with a Ph.D. in Fashion Management or Fashion Communication:


Career Options for Ph.D. in Fashion Management:

  1. University Professor:
  2. Researcher/Analyst:
  3. Corporate Executive:
  4. Industry Consultant:
  5. Policy Advisor:
  6. Entrepreneur:
  7. International Business Specialist:
  8. Supply Chain and Operations Expert:


Career Options for Ph.D. in Fashion Communication:

  1. Professor/Researcher:
  2. Strategic Communication Director:
  3. Media and Publications Executive:
  4. Digital and Social Media Expert:
  5. Brand Image Consultant:
  6. Event Director/Producer:
  7. Crisis Communication Specialist:
  8. Market Research Analyst:
  9. Digital Content Curator:
  10. Brand Storytelling Expert:
  11. Fashion Journalism Educator:


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